Nutrition and Health

Numdaji Kwei Children’s Centre recognises the role that good nutrition plays in promoting health and wellbeing in all children. 


The Centre employs a full time cook who prepares 3 meals daily. Parents are not required to provide any meals for their child/children as all meals are cooked and prepared by the centre.

During meal times educators sit with the children and encourage positive discussions about food and health. Children are encouraged to feed themselves as appropriate and educators assist and support the children as required. At Numdaji Kwei we value the opportunities that mealtimes provide for children’s learning, socialising and experimenting. 

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Educators and parents work cooperatively to ensure the children, educators and visitors at the Centre receive a healthy balance of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Educators check the SunSmart UV Alert Indicator before going outdoors. The centre provides large shaded areas through trees, shade sails and undercover areas. Sunscreen is applied when UV is 3 or above. During this time, educators discuss sun smart practices with children, including encouraging self-application of sunscreen.